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Rent Party Products

Planning a party but don't know how to make it stand out from the rest? Take a look through our extensive selection of party products to find one that works for your event.

Inflatables can be a real feature of a party, and they're not just for kids. Of course, we have bounce castles and fund slides to keep the little ones entertained (and contained) for hours on end. But nobody is too old to enjoy one of our obstacle courses. Your corporate events will never be the same again!

In the social media age we live in, a party hasn't really taken place unless there’s a constant stream of photos being shared online, before during and after the event. If you choose an Internet-connected photo booth, you’ll not only see an amazing array of pictures on the day of your guests, but gifs and static images can be sent around the world too for others to enjoy, like and share.

A party is a time for fun, but it's also a time for food. Not every event requires a proper sit-down meal, which is where a concessions stand comes into its own. Whether it's a popcorn cart for a movie-themed kid's birthday party, a cotton candy machine to give your guests a sugar rush at your wedding, or a hot-dog stand to lure customers to your store opening event, we’ve got everything you could possibly need.

If may seem like one of the less exciting parts of planning a party, but you might also want to check out our range of event rentals. Equipment such as large dining tables, tablecloths or stacks of chairs isn’t something that every household has in storage. Avoid the embarrassment of your guests turning up then having nowhere for them to sit!

With everything covered by the Kazzam satisfaction guarantee, all you need to do is get the invites out and wait for the big day to arrive.