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How to Plan a Party

There’s no set way to plan a party, and every event is different. You can’t follow the same checklist for planning a wedding party as you would for an office Christmas event. And while some of the people on the guest list may be the same, an anniversary celebration and a birthday party have different vibes.

That’s where our party planning guides come in! Let our expert guides walk you through everything you need to consider for your event, providing you with the inspiration and confidence you need.

Up first is the planning section, covering who to invite, settling on a party theme, how to find an appropriate date to suit everyone and the all important budget. Once you’re flat on the basics, you’re in great shape to build out the other details of your party plan.

Then we address the more logistical elements of invites, venues, food, music, entertainment and activities. The best parties are those where you don’t even notice all the effort that has gone into preparing them., That happens when all the elements have been thought about well in advance.

Our party guides cover how to communicate with guests in the build up to your party, and then how to look after them on the big day itself. Many hosts forget that the party they’ve planned is for them too. We offer a variety of tips to make sure it’s as fun for you as it is for your guests.

And then there’s what to do after the party dust has settled and the clean up operation is complete. From sharing photos to sending thank you cards, whatever your party is for, we have the practical advice you need.

Let our party guides show you the way, and help you plan an event your guests will remember for a lifetime.