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Rent Party Product Packages

If you’re planning a big party, the last thing you want to be doing is coordinating lots of different suppliers. That means multiple bills to pay, various deliveries to coordinate and different schedules to collect the items after the party is over. When all you want to do is enjoy yourself, that’s a lot of extra unnecessary planning!

We’ve packaged up some of our most popular party products so all you need to do is make your selection, pay once, and benefit from our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The great thing about our packages is that they’re customizable. If you’re planning on hosting an outdoor party for your child’s birthday party, you may have come across one of our castle bounce houses. All that energy needs to be fueled in some way, so we’ve packaged up these with a cotton candy machine, popcorn cart or snow cone machine.

Whichever treats you decide to serve, all the machines we provide are super-simple to use and come with all the instructions you need to get set up in the blink of an eye. You’ll also get a large supply of servings, syrups, cups, and cones to keep your little customers happy.

Or perhaps you’ve been put in charge of the summer party for your office and want to make sure there are lots of activities to keep the families occupied. A 15-foot tall water slide is the perfect centerpiece for your event, and just as with the bounce houses, you can combine these with the concessions stand of your choice.

Setup and breakdown of all our inflatables are included in the package cost, and you’ll never see any hidden fees.

With the Kazzam promise, you can rest assured that everything and everyone will arrive on time.  Let us take care of the most important things you need to organize for your event.