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Hire a Magician for Your Party Occasion in Kansas City, MO

From mystery nights to corporate galas to private parties to birthday parties, a talented Kansas City magician can make any event you have up your sleeve one guests could be talking about for weeks to come. Even the most skeptical of party guests will be stunned and amazed by the skill and sleight of hand displayed by these masterful magicians!

For young party guests, the kids magic show is an instant crowd pleaser to delight and inspire the audience with incredible feats of magic, mind blowing illusions and side-splitting comedic acts. Totally age appropriate and geared completely towards young audiences! Don’t be surprised if parents want to stick around to watch the magic at work! 

A close up magic show will amaze guests of any age, as the close up magician interacts up close and personal with partygoers. Guests will even get a chance to participate in the act themselves and help make the magic happen. They still won’t be able to figure out the magician’s secrets by the end of the night though! 

For adults-only occasions, the adult magic show will have even the most doubtful of guests marveling as they witness the skilled magician at work. Bring dreams that are the stuff of fantasy to life, and keep your guests wonderfully entertained with this marvelous show that everyone will enjoy.