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Chicago’s Tastiest Event Concessions Rentals

Chicago is famous for its signature deep dish pizza. With the city covered in professionals that can make any kind of pizza you can ask for, what are some specialties you can bring home for your next party to add to the menu?

A vintage popcorn stand is a great addition to any party. Popcorn is always a crowd pleaser and the vintage style of the machine and cart available really bring back the nostalgia of street fairs and local movie theaters. In fact, these are the perfect addition to any movie night party!

Speaking of street fair nostalgia, try a cotton candy machine on for size and watch as is spins you up a sweet treat right out of your childhood. Make a backyard full of birthday guests just as happy as you can make passers by at a large community event.

If you want to stay more connected to the local cuisine, a hot dog and bun warmer keeps food at the perfect temperature so you can make up some Chicago-style dogs with all the fixings.

Finally, round out the menu with snow cones and frozen drinks, perfect for hot summer beach parties on the shores of Lake Michigan. Nothing is better for a quick cool down than these frozen treats, perfect for kids and adults.

Drop off, set up, and pick up will all be planned to fit seamlessly in your party. Everything will be available on time and the Kazzam guarantee means that all equipment will meet safety and cleanliness standards.