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Party Characters in Fort Lauderdale, FL

When it comes to kids party characters and entertainers, Disney’s home state demands talent. A tough audience, Fort Lauderdale’s children live less than three hours from one of the world’s most famous character amusement parks.

That’s why Kazzam took time to scout the best princesses and superheroes from Edgewood to Coral Ridge. Talented actors and actresses completely embody the personas of their characters so that your children can experience a slice of Disney World in their own backyards.

Princess parties are one of Fort Lauderdale’s specialties! Appeal to your young mermaids with an under the sea princess package that includes beautiful mer-tails for all your guests. Watch in wonderment as talented performers bring your child’s favorite on-screen characters to life. Want to meet a real-life magical queen? Many professionals offer specialized snow and beauty princess parties.

We handpick superheroes that don’t just embody their roles, they encourage the positive messaging of their characters as well. Inspire bravery and kindness in the young people in your life with one of the amazing superheroes or the brave bat hero!

Character packages include grand entrances designed to make your special guests feel like VIPs. Imagine your child’s face when they hear their most treasured fantasy character sing happy birthday to them!

Don’t hire just any ol’ character for your next kids party, let Kazzam help you deliver a true fantasy experience!