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Party Activity Rentals in Phoenix, Mesa, and Chandler, AZ

The Phoenix area is full of things to do, from desert tours to destination malls, there’s no such thing as too many activities to choose from. We’ve scoured the Phoenix metro area to source exciting and entertaining products to make your event one your guests remember forever.

Looking to do some fundraising for your church event or school party? A dunk tank is the perfect addition, featuring a bullseye, teetering chair and 500 gallons of water. Imagine the joy as the teachers or pastors — usually the ones in a position of authority — are put in their place and drenched from head to foot. They might actually see the funny side too, if it gets them out of the Arizona heat.

Or, how about challenging your coworkers to a ride on a mechanical bull, giving you a taste of Texas at your event. Will it be Tom from the accounting team, or Daisy from marketing who’s going to take home the trophy? The mechanical bull comes with an onsite attendant, to help ensure a safe environment for your guests.

If you’ve been struggling for ideas for a birthday party for older children, how about a video game truck? It’ll let the entire group enjoy their favorite activity together,but from the beautiful surrounds of Papago Park or Civic Space Park rather than being confined to a gameroom or dark bedroom.

All activities are covered by the Kazzam promise, giving you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.