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Get people lining up at your store event

It doesn't have to be opening day to party

It’s every retailer's dream to have people lining up outside the door. Maybe you’ve got a new product range to show off or a special end of season sale to promote. While it’s nice to think that the products and prices speak for themselves and will attract the right customers, sometimes people need a little extra incentive to come along.

Our party planners are full of unique event ideas for retail outlets, whatever you’re selling and wherever you’re based.

Obviously, if you’re a children's store there are hundreds of options to attract and entertain kids, from inflatables to balloon twisters. A concessions stand offers an extra feature attraction for customers young and old, whether you’re cooking up a few hot dogs, spinning some cotton candy or giving away snow cones on a hot day. Our equipment comes with all the setup instructions you need and will be cleaned, sanitized and ready to use.

If you’re inside a mall, big party products such as bounce houses may not be a practical option, but you can still draw people towards your store with a performer. People are much more likely to take a flyer from a superhero than a regular guy in your store uniform. And kids will follow a princess like a magnet, acting like the Pied Piper and leading them to your door (and their parents to your cash desk). Every performer that can be booked on Kazzam undergoes third-party background checks before interacting with kids.

If you’re after more boutique event ideas, a state-of-the-art photo booth hooked up to an online gallery could be an excellent way of getting your products out to the masses. Setup and breakdown will be included in the costs and we guarantee there will never be any hidden fees.

And no retail event is complete without some balloon decor. We supply high-quality helium filled balloons that come in every imaginable configuration, from entrance arches that attract passers-by to ornamental walls that dress up a usually drab corner of your space.

Take a look through the options we have available to make your next store event something special.