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Spring Kids Party Theme Ideas

Spring is on the way and if your little one has a birthday during the upcoming season, now is the time to start planning the party. And, what better way to take a break from this winter weather than by planning a spring-themed party? Here are some of the best themes for throwing a warm-weather birthday party.

Mad Hatter Tea Party

What better time to throw a tea party than in the spring? When the weather gets warmer it’s the perfect time to move the party outside. Rather than a boring tea party, try throwing an “Alice in Wonderland” themed one. You can have guests paint their very own teacups and play ‘Pin the Tail on the Cheshire Cat’.

A Farm Themed Party

It might sound strange at first, but what do you think of when you think of spring? The outdoors? Turn that into a spring party theme and add some barnyard animals in there – literally. If you’re able to, you can consider having a small petting zoo or even an informational presentation featuring live farm animals! For decorations, you can incorporate earthy tones like greens and browns while adding cute elements like farm-themed decorations or snacks – animal crackers anyone?

Campground Fun

Warmer weather calls for outdoor activities – and what better spring party idea than camping in the springtime? While the weather isn’t scorching, take advantage of the cool nights by throwing a ‘camping’ party. And while you’ll certainly need tents, campground activities (like football, baseball, soccer, and fishing), and s’mores, try adding an unexpected party element by incorporating an inflatable. Depending on where you host the party, you can add a smaller bounce house or splurge on a large inflatable if you plan on hosting a lot of guests.

Step Right Up

If you’ve got a carnival lover on your hands, indulge them by throwing a carnival-themed party. A bounce house rental is a perfect spring themed party addition to the carnival – especially if you include it as one of the main attractions. Add a ticket booth where guests can ‘purchase’ tickets so they can visit different attractions – like a magic show, concession stand, and of course, the bounce house.

A Flower Party

What better way to celebrate spring than with a kids flower-themed party? Other than hosting the party outside, you can add flower elements like headbands, decorations, and more. And, you can even have guests dress in their best flower gear. For activities, try having partygoers plant their own flowers and let them take their new plants home as party gift.

A Bounce-House Sports Party

With the weather warming up, it’s time to take the party outdoors. And what better way to enjoy the sunny days than by throwing a sports-themed party? While traditional sports are always in style, why not add nontraditional sports by incorporating a bounce house? Standard moonwalks can be turned into a dodgeball pen (stick to an older crowd for this theme as dodgeball could be too rough for young kids) or into a unique spin on baseball. Your kids will love this spring theme idea!

A Jelly Bean Party

While it seems like an odd theme, a jelly bean party can be a fun warm-weather party. Start with a color theme – like pastel or neon – and plan the decorations around that. Then, grab a bunch of different jelly bean varieties and place them in bowls for guests to nibble on. For activities, try having kids paint eggs as their very own “jelly beans”.

A Movie Party

Sure, going to the movies is fun, but since the weather is perfect, why not move the movie outdoors? Make it a party they will never forget by adding a projector, popcorn machine, pillows and blankets, and to make things interesting – a bounce house. After all, not every party guest can sit quietly during a three-hour movie without releasing some energy beforehand! Post-inflatable, treat kids to their favorite candy and some popcorn while they sit back, relax, and enjoy the movie.

It’s a Bugs Life

If your child is obsessed with bugs, incorporate that into their spring birthday party! Create a candy display based on different bugs and top the cupcakes with fake critters. Have guests make their own “bug jars” by adding their favorite “bug” (candy) into their jar and keeping it as a party favor. Want to be the coolest parent ever? Hire an actual bug expert to bring in real bugs for the kids to meet.

If you’re racking your brain for out-of-the-box spring birthday ideas, consider throwing one of these parties. Not only are they unique, but they are also completely customizable so you can throw one based on what you’d like to – and reasonably can – do!