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Outdoor Kids Party Ideas

When the time comes to plan a party, are you scrambling for ideas? You don’t want the party to be boring and you don’t want to put in an insane amount of time! Here are some of the best outdoor birthday party ideas for your next outdoor birthday bash.

An Outdoor Movie Party

Movies are always a great party option – and what better way to kick it up a notch than by showing one on an outdoor projector? Set up some tables and have kids sit on blankets or pillows. Serve simple food like hot dogs, fruits, and cupcakes. The party doesn’t have to include just one movie. Try coming up with a theme – like black and white – or a genre – like comedy – and find two or three movie ideas you think guests will like. 

A Painting Party

Let their inner Picasso shine by hosting an outdoor painting party. Grab some easels, an array of paint colors and brushes, and let them go to town! You can stick to a theme or you can let guests paint whatever their hearts desire! Who says you have to be a pro to have an arts and craft party? You don’t even need to include advanced crafts – some simple jewelry making or customizing t-shirts will do the trick. Try having different options so guests can choose which crafts they’d like to do. Serve easy finger foods and simple drinks so partygoers can focus on their crafts!


This is one game of Twister where a mat is not needed. DIY it with circular stencils. Spray paint rows of circles with yard paint outside and create a giant outdoor Twister game! Clean up is as easy as mowing the lawn – or waiting for rain. You can make the game a bit more competitive by awarding prizes to the winners! This is one outdoor party game idea that is sure to cause lots of laughs!

Ninja Warrior Games

There is nothing quite like throwing an outdoor birthday party. Watching the kids run around and play knowing full-well they’re going to sleep as soon as you get home is a beautiful thing. Create obstacles in the backyard and challenge guests to their own version of the “Ninja Warrior Games”. Of course, make sure everything is safe – but kids will have a blast running, jumping, and playing until it’s time for cake!

Ice Cream Party

While the kids party idea is simple, there’s no limit to how creative you can get with an ice cream party. Try setting up an ice cream bar where partygoers can create their own ice cream sundaes. Make sure to include all the necessities like different types of cones, several different flavors of ice cream, and a lot of toppings – such as sprinkles, chocolate, candy, fruit, whipped cream – the sky’s the limit! For an added bonus, have guests dress in ice cream-themed clothing – complete with pastels or anything ice cream print!

Water Balloon Baseball

If you’re up for it, throw an outdoor water balloon baseball party. It’s like a regular baseball game, but instead of actual baseballs, there are water balloons. This is a perfect summertime outdoor party since kids will stay extra cool. Don’t be surprised if this party idea ends with a water balloon fight!

Camping Party

We think the ultimate outdoor kids party is an overnight party with outdoor campout! You don’t even need to go to an actual campsite – you’ll just need your own backyard! Set up some teepees and have a theme for each teepee – one can host painting, one can host board games, and one can host DIY crafts. If you’re able to, set up a fire pit and arrange a few chairs around it. Then, toast up those marshmallows for the absolutely necessary s’mores. Try serving drinks out of thermoses, too. And if your yard is lacking in space, don’t fret – you can take the camping indoors after the outdoor activities are done.

If you’re racking your brain for creative outdoor birthday party ideas, consider one of these themes. Not only are they creative, they’re not impossible to plan and kids will love the activities.