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Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

You’ve planned the theme, shopped for the decorations, and wrote out the guest list. Now it’s time for the best part – the food. You may already have the cake planned but what about all the other food? The snacks, the main course, even the pre-dessert? Here are some of the best (and most healthy) kids birthday party food ideas (especially if you’re on a budget!)

Kid’s Party Appetizers

Ranch Dip and Vegetables

Kids may not be the biggest fan of vegetables but it’s hard to resist vegetables paired with ranch dip, especially if you’re on a budget.

Salad on a Stick

Sticking with the healthy theme on a budget, salads aren’t always the first food kids reach for at a birthday party – but they don’t have to be the most boring! Try making a salad on a stick by adding a variety of vegetables, meat (like salami) and pairing it with a dipping sauce. (As a bonus you can use some of the leftover ranch dip from the veggies and dip).

Kid’s Party Main Courses

Make Your Own Tacos or Pizza

What kid doesn’t like to make their own food at a birthday party? Not only does a ‘serve yourself’ option work for adults, but it also works for kids. Get all the ingredients together – if you’re making tacos that’s meat, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, etc. If it’s pizza it’s all the toppings like pepperoni, vegetables, and more – and arrange them on a table. Let the kids create their own plates and watch their creativity shine!

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a budget crowd favorite. To make it healthier, try swapping out white pasta for wholewheat and using organic cheese and milk. You can even try sneaking in vegetables like broccoli for an added health bonus.

Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? Mini grilled cheeses are a great main dish idea to serve to hungry kids at a birthday party. Try buttering and toasting the bread prior to the party so all you have to do is put the cheese in between the bread (butter side out) and put them in the oven to let the cheese melt.

Kid’s Party Desserts

Sliced Caramel Apple Sticks

The apple makes it healthy, but the caramel makes it delicious. For a fresh take, try cutting the apples into chunks and placing them on the stick. Dip the slices in caramel and finish off with a drizzle of chocolate sauce. This kids birthday party food idea is sure to knock their socks off!

Oatmeal Cream Pies

Though messy, oatmeal cream pies are a fun treat for kid’s parties. You can either use store-bought cookies or make your own, but the main objective is to place some cream filling or ice cream in between two oatmeal cookies. If you’re looking to involve the kids, you can even let them make their own oatmeal cream pies – just be prepared for the mess!

Food-Themed Parties

If you’d prefer the food at your kids birthday party to be the main feature rather than the sideshow, you could base your whole party around it with these ideas.

BBQ Party

Possibly one of the easiest yet classic kids birthday party themes is a BBQ. While they’re typically enjoyed in the summer, don’t count out the indoor BBQ! Fire up that grill and cook some hamburgers, hotdogs, and more. Serve sides like potato salad, corn on the cob, and more. Keep up the theme by adding checkered tablecloths, fun accessories, and of course BBQ games like bean bag toss and horseshoes. This idea is mouth watering.

Ice Cream Party

Nothing screams kids birthday party like delicious ice cream. Of course, you’ll always need the traditional standards like chocolate and vanilla flavor, but don’t forget to get a little crazy with your flavor ideas. Throw in some fruit for the more health conscious (is fruit and ice cream an oxymoron?) and maybe set up a toppings table for the kids at the birthday party to go to town!

Try incorporating a couple of these dishes to make your kids parties a hit!