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Indoor Kids Party Ideas

If you’re stuck inside for your kid’s birthday party this year, don’t fret – you don’t need the outdoors to throw a great party. Some of these parties might even convince you to throw an indoor party on a gorgeous day, much to your kids' dismay!

Glow in the Dark Party

A glow in the dark party is a classic indoor kids party theme. It’s incredibly easy to throw – simply convert the living room into glow in the dark land by adding some black lights, music, glow sticks, and strobe lights. Have teenagers paint each others faces with glow in the dark paint. Let the little kids make their own glow in the dark Play-Doh – bonus points that it’s a great take-home party favor!

An Indoor Drive-In

How’s this for an indoor kids party idea? No need to physically go to the movies on an indoors-only day – bring the movies to you! But why stop there, though – go the extra mile by creating their very own “cars” out of cardboard boxes and paper plates. Prior to the opening credits, let guests customize their cars with markers. And, don’t forget the popcorn and post-movie car birthday cake!

A Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt makes for a perfect indoor kids party game.. Pick a theme – like searching for treasure – and make sure to have a grand prize for the winner. If you want to make it more competitive party idea, add puzzles or challenges to your clues – like a real-life board game!

Trivia Night

Everyone loves a good night of friendly competition. Pick up a wide selection of indoor games and split the guests into teams. If you’re feeling a bit more competitive, make the party a “round-robin” indoor game night where guests switch games after they finish. Serve finger foods and easy, quick drinks so guests can focus on winning.

An Indoor Beach Party

If it’s raining outside, that means you probably need a solid indoor party idea. If you’re feeling the beach – bring the beach indoors. Grab some kiddie pools and turn them into a ball pit (rather than a sandpit for an easier clean-up). In lieu of sandcastles, encourage guests to create their own “castles” with LEGO blocks. Finish off the party with a beach-themed cake!

A Retro “Sock Hop” Party

Your child may not actually remember the era of poodle skirts, but that doesn’t mean they can’t embrace this indoor party idea! Turn your game room or living room into an indoor retro dance floor with peel-and-stick black and white tiles. And don’t forget the accessories – you’ll need a jukebox, a photo booth, and some retro music to sing to! Don’t forget the dress code. Have guests dress up in their favorite poodle skirts or suits.

Indoor Carnival

Is your child a fan of the carnival? Bring the carnival inside by recreating some of the classics like a paper plate ring toss and a bean bag throw. Make sure to have carnival-themed food like peanuts, cotton candy, and fried dough. And, don’t forget about the face painting (perfect for an indoor kids party!) Have a family member or friend volunteer to help save money or hire a professional if you’re feeling extravagant.

You don’t need to have a lavish outdoor party to make it fun. In fact, indoor parties can be even more fun than outside ones – especially when you get to flex some of your creative muscles in the process.